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Northeast Region

In a mix of world cities from New York to Boston and Philadelphia, the Northeast Region is constantly changing. With a population nearing 56 million, the Northeast is the second most urban region with 85 percent of its population residing within an urban area. The combination of world cities, and a large population makes the Northeast a tough spot for Gospel Saturation. Five of the ten churchless cities are found in the Northeast, making Christ Together’s work all the more important here. We are committed to collaborating together to see The Church mobilized and every man, woman and child given an opportunity to see, hear and respond to the gospel. Activity is developing across the region, and while it may range in strategy the heartbeat remains the same – Gospel Saturation of the Northeast. 


Ryan Kozey

Ryan Kozey - Regional Director

"The vision toward Every man, woman, and child has taken root in our region over the past eight years. We have been blessed to see a new level of partnership emerging in the region, based on a watermark of trust that has grown as the relationships with partners have been established in the region. The vision compels us to engage as The Church in meaningful projects that transcend the boundaries of the urban and suburban divide; it compels us to plant churches in partnership with one another; and lastly, it motivates us toward the full mobilization of all of God's people in our region, so that we can see the saturation of the gospel take place." 

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