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Southeast Region

With an estimated population of 87.4 million, and 16 cities with a population of over a million people, the 10 states that comprise the Southeast Region are changing rapidly. Our mission is to ensure that Every Man, Woman, and Child in the Southeast will have repeated opportunities to see, hear and respond to the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the mobilized "Church" in our region. We do this by multiplying the work of the gospel through making disciples as we gather in regional communities. The strategies may look different across the region, but we are seeing God move as we focus on training and equipping leaders, re-missioning existing churches, and planting new churches across the Southeast. 

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Will Plitt - Regional Director

"Over the last several years, we have seen the vision of saturating a defined geography with the gospel so that every man, woman, and child can have repeated access to the Good News through proclamation and demonstration, take deeper and deeper root. As pastors and leaders continue to come to a common table for gospel saturation, they realize that if we keep doing what we have always done, our cities will not see gospel transformation. In the southeast, this is slowly beginning to change how The Church measures success."

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Russ Holt

Russ Holt - Operations Director

"I first heard the phrase “every man, woman and child” while attending Hill Country Bible Church. The vision of Hill Country was (is) to reach every man, woman and child in Greater Austin with the gospel. I saw that vision lived out by the people there. After more than 8 years in Austin, my wife and I determined to join in that vision — except that God placed us where we had initially started our family, Columbia, SC. Little did we know that same vision was the heartbeat of Crossroads Church where we again heard the vision to give every man, woman and child repeated opportunities to see, hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. We are grateful to be a part of a church and a national network of churches committed to calling people to this vision and partnering with other churches to work together in that endeavor."

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