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Tools & Resources

The Christ Together Resources are designed to initiate conversations and create environments for kingdom leaders to pray, learn, strategize and act in concert with God's mission in their community, town, city or region. Below, you will find a collection of these tools and resources being used by various expressions of the church across the country. We welcome your input, and invite you to share your tools and resources with the pastors, leaders, networks, and denominations connected through Christ Together. 

The GO Project!


In 2009, pastors in Gurnee noticed that God had uniquely positioned ten churches – ten churches that had already been meeting together in close proximity. Because of the strong ties of trust and love that had been forged among these pastors, they began to wonder if God had positioned them to undertake a mission of the highest order — reaching every household in our village with the love and message of Christ. We believe God calls churches to reach their community.  Therefore He calls His whole Church to reach the entire community. It is in obedience to this commission that we have joined together.