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Tools & Resources

The Christ Together Resources are designed to initiate conversations and create environments for kingdom leaders to pray, learn, strategize and act in concert with God's mission in their community, town, city or region. Below, you will find a collection of these tools and resources being used by various expressions of the church across the country. We welcome your input, and invite you to share your tools and resources with the pastors, leaders, networks, and denominations connected through Christ Together. 

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    Christ Together Vision

    As Christ Together, we are seeing faithful leaders and churches partner together to see the whole Church bring the whole Gospel to the whole Nation.

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    The GO Project!
    The strong ties of trust and love that had been forged among the Pastors in Gurnee led them to ask if God had positioned them to undertake a mission of reaching Every Man, Woman and Child in their community.
  • Explore God
    Explore God
    In 2013, an unprecedented citywide movement took place in Austin, Texas. 370 churches spanning 13 denominations came together to Explore God and engage in spiritual conversations.
  • COI
    Circle of Influence
    We all have a Circle of Influence. A relational circle made up of people we interact with in our work and personal lives. While all of our circles are different, one thing is common. 
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    Circles of Accountability
    This video will give you an overview of the decentralized, geographically focused nature followed by Christ Together to reach Every man, Woman & Child. 
  • Scott
    Saturation - Scott Chapman
    Scott Chapman, Lead Pastor and Christ Together President, shares his heart and passion for Gospel Saturation at our CT Gathering in Orlando, FL. 
  • Vision
    Christ Together Vision
    We aim to unify The Church to consistently demonstrate and communicate the gospel of Jesus Christ to every man, woman and child in America. 
  • Jeff
    Christ Together Gathering - Jeff Shipman
    Jeff Shipman, Lead Pastor and Christ Together Network Connector, shares his heart for every man, woman and child and the identity of Christ Together. He outlines our AIM of Gospel Saturation, dives into the uniqueness of CT and will identify three commitments of a Christ Together city. 
  • Tim
    Christ Together Gathering - Tim Hawks
    Tim Hawks, Lead Pastor and Christ Together Directional Team member, addresses the topics of unity and collaboration. 
  • Ryan
    Christ Together Gathering - Ryan Kozey
    Ryan Kozey, Pastor and Statistician, shares the vision of Every to Each and his personal experience with every man, woman and child in Buffalo, NY. 
    Christ Together Gathering - Will Plitt
    Will Plitt, Pastor and CT Executive Director shares how CT can help you move from a macro vision to a micro strategy. 
  • Jerry
    Christ Together Gathering - Jerry Gillis
    Jerry Gillis, Lead Pastor and Christ Together Directional Team member walks us through the operating system convictions of Christ Together. 
  • Hawks
    Christ Together Gathering Conference Close
    Tim Hawks, Lead Pastor, closes out the CT Gathering with a challenge to pastors and leaders. 
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