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Spiritual Formation & Missional Behavior Survey

Our Story

Over the past ten years, a group of churches in the United States have begun to mobilize their people to live with greater level of concern for their geography. Communicating the need to give every Man, Woman and Child a repeated opportunity to see, hear and respond to the gospel of Jesus Christ. As they have done that, there ultimately was a point when those churches began to ask: How do we know that people are actually living this out? 

What's in a Survey? 

Today, a number of churches throughout the country have joined us in asking a variety of hard questions that have given us an honest look at what is, and what is not, happening in the lives of the people we lead. This survey is an attempt to help you understand the people you have been entrusted to lead. In addition to spiritual formation, the survey will give you insight into one's overall missional behavior.