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Tools & Resources

The Christ Together Resources are designed to initiate conversations and create environments for kingdom leaders to pray, learn, strategize and act in concert with God's mission in their community, town, city or region. Below, you will find a collection of these tools and resources being used by various expressions of the church across the country. We welcome your input, and invite you to share your tools and resources with the pastors, leaders, networks, and denominations connected through Christ Together. 


Available Resources

Gospel Saturation will take different strategies, churches and leaders who share the same convictions and mission.
Our goal is to help provide tools and resources that have been used by leaders across the nation to move the needle towards Gospel Saturation. This is not a one-size fit all approach, and we believe that any prescribed strategy will vary depending on context and on the leading of the Spirit of God to specific leaders striving to faithfully carry out His purpose for the church. 

Select a topic on the target to the left and explore the resources available.


Mobilization is a key component to Gospel Saturation. It prioritizes the equipping and releasing of all of God's people into His mission. 


Transformation prioritizes the measurement of spiritual growth and disciple making in the lives of people. Christ Together has access to a variety of tools to help churches ask the hard questions, take an honest look at what is and what is not happening in their people, and even examine the specifics of their geography. If you' re looking for a demographic study on your geography please email us at


To Christ Together, collaboration is key. The defined strategic partnerships between churches, denominations, networks and leaders for the gospel saturation of their place is a priority in almost every CT city. Below you will find a few projects that have been done.


These tools are designed to help prioritize the vehicle of church planting as foundational for the full evangelization of a defined people and place. Many of these tools and resources are used in Christ Together cities across the country. 


Reaching every man, woman and child will take each man, woman and child. The Christ Together tools and resources are designed to help equip us for the journey of seeing God's mission accomplished in our geographies. It's not one prescribed method, but a combination of tools used in cities across our country. When saturation is the target, our activity is defined and we are moved to action.