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The Christ Together Network consists of Pastors and Leaders from across the country, coming together to inspire, connect, resource and support The Church. Born out of prayer, these Pastors and Leaders in this inter-denominational network share a common passion, vision and purpose: communicating and demonstrating the good news of Jesus Christ with every man, woman and child. We have both a Directional Team and a Delivery Team. Our Directional Team serves to provide strategic leadership to the network at a national level. The role of the Delivery Team is to develop a national network of local network leaders who are missionally impacting their geographies, relationally collaborating, encouraging and supporting each other and representing the message and vision to others around the country.

Directional Team


Scott Chapman

Home: Chicago, Illinois
Ministry Roles:
Senior Pastor, The Chapel in Chicagoland and Christ Together Directional Team Member
Spiritual Passion: “I want to give my life to Jesus and his cause and to see as many people as possible brought into the fullness of life in His kingdom."


Jerry Gillis

Home: Buffalo, New York
Ministry Roles:
Lead Pastor, The Chapel at CrossPoint and Christ Together Directional Team Member
Spiritual Passion:
“I want to aim the resources of my life in the direction of the Missio Dei.”

Tim Hawks 5x7 Desk

Tim Hawks

Home: Austin, Texas
Ministry Roles:
Lead Pastor, Hill Country Bible Church and Christ Together Directional Team Member
Spiritual Passion:
“Believing in God for the re-evangelization of our nation by partnering with like-minded leaders to mobilize his Church inspires me to give my life away. By God’s grace, we will take the gospel to every man, woman, and child in Austin doing our part for the national network.”


Delivery Team

jeff sanders headshot

Jeff Shipman

National Delivery Team Director
Columbia, South Carolina


Will Plitt

Executive Director & Southeast Regional Director
Winston-Salem, North Carolina


Jeff Sanders

Director of Advancement
Fort Worth, Texas

Ryan Kozey

Ryan Kozey

Northeast Regional Director
Buffalo, New York


Brady Traywick

Southwest Regional Director
Austin, Texas


Zac Sgro

Midwest Regional Director
Canton, Ohio


Chris Lagerlof     

West Coast Regional Director
Orange County, California

Kay BW headshot

Kay Smith

National Coordinator
Austin, Texas